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  • How private is private information? The ability to spot deception in an economic game 

    Belot, Michele; van de Ven, Jeroen (University of Edinburgh, 2013)
    We provide experimental evidence on the ability to detect deceit in a buyer-seller game with asymmetric information. Sellers have private information about the buyer's valuation of a good and sometimes have incentives to ...
  • Partner Selection into Policy Relevant Field Experiments 

    Belot, Michele; James, Jonathan (University of Edinburgh, 2013)
    This study investigates the issue of self-selection of stakeholders into participation and collaboration in policy-relevant experiments. We document and test the implications of self-selection in the context of randomised ...
  • The Spillover Effects of Monitoring: A Field Experiment. 

    Belot, Michele; Schroeder, Marina (University of Edinburgh, 2013)
    We provide field experimental evidence of the effects of monitoring in a context where productivity is multi-dimensional and only one dimension is monitored and incentivised. We hire students to do a job for us. The job ...

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