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  • Bayesian Model Averaging in the Instrumental Variable Regression Model 

    Koop, Gary; Leon-Gonzalez, Roberto; Strachan, Rodney W. (University of StrathclydeNational Graduate Institute for Policy StudiesAustralian National University, 2011)
    This paper considers the instrumental variable regression model when there is uncertainty about the set of instruments, exogeneity restrictions, the validity of identifying restrictions and the set of exogenous ...
  • Expectations Traps and Coordination Failures with Discretionary Policymaking 

    Dennis, Richard; Kirsanova, Tatiana (University of GlasgowAustralian National University, 2013)
    Discretionary policymakers cannot manage private-sector expectations and cannot coordinate the actions of future policymakers. As a consequence, expectations traps and coordination failures can occur and multiple equilibria ...
  • Modelling Breaks and Clusters in the Steady States of Macroeconomic Variables 

    Chan, Joshua; Koop, Gary (University of StrathclydeAustralian National University, 2011)
    Macroeconomists working with multivariate models typically face uncertainty over which (if any) of their variables have long run steady states which are subject to breaks. Furthermore, the nature of the break process is ...

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